Little bit creeped out.
My attempt at Edward Gorey meets Alab Forbes. I think it turned out aight.


1 Letter a day 

City in Chains

NYC neighborhoods as corporate logos. Clever.

Sterling Cooper is a fictional advertising agency featured prominently in AMC’s hit television drama Mad Men. Being the branding and identity afficionado I am, I wondered what Sterling Cooper’s logo might look like through the years. So I did this.
"Mad Men", "Sterling Cooper", it’s logo and all associated characters are property of AMC Networks inc. It should be noted this is a not-for-profit project.

The Little Girl from the 1981 LEGO Ad is All Grown Up, and She’s Got Something to Say (via Women You Should Know)
I was gonna do re-rebrands of the worst rebrands of 2013, but I’ve gotten stuck, and also really distracted by a little show called Mad Men. So, putting the re-rebrands on the back burner and instead working on my vision of Sterling Cooper (and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce) through the years.





This ad for scotch is dumb because it almost made me cry.

Yep. Just cried actual tears over a damned whisky ad.

Reblogging this because the original video I had linked to was taken down; this one’s good to go though :)



stupid onions


Lichtspiele by Typocalypse.

Cinemas from the early 20th Century are called “Lichtspiele” in Germany. “Lichtspiele” transports you back to a time where neon lights and marquee letters decorated cinema facades. 
Of the 5 styles, three have two versions of italics - one for each perspective. Display is your basic style. Neon is inspired by the old neon letters found outside cinemas. 
Add Neon Outline to Display or Neon to add another layer to your artwork. Neon 3D is a extruded version of Neon. Screen Credits is based on the liner notes of movie posters.

Get more out of life, go out to a movie.

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Female Calligrapher

Molly Jacques is not only a beatiful woman, she has also a beautiful sense for calligraphy and lettering. Practicing in Detroit ,Michigan she loves to illustrate letters and words for clients like the Wall Street Journal, Tiffany & Co., How Magazine and many more. While holding workshops and speaking at the AIGA she is one of the most famous faces in the typography world. We love the ornamental rafinesse and the soft feminine touch in her work. Enjoy it! 

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