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"Williams’ death has been reported the way cases like this are always reported: we’re told he was “battling” depression, that he’d “lost his fight.” It echoes the way we talk about other terminal illnesses — people die after “a long battle with cancer,” or after a “struggle with AIDS,” or whatever else. This is a comforting narrative, I guess — it casts these illnesses as things that you can fight, that you can maybe even vanquish if you fight hard enough."

- Robin Williams and the Myth of “Battling” Depression (via flavorpill)

Pay Attention to Ferguson


Please pay attention to what is happening in Ferguson right now.

The people of Ferguson are staging a peaceful protest regarding the unlawful, tragic murder of Mike Brown, and the police are responding with rubber bullets (one man has been injured so far) and tear gas, calling the protesters “fucking animals.”

The police are wearing full military gear. They are responding with absolute violence.

The police are trying to cover up their vicious, unconstitutional actions, telling the news crews/journalists to leave the scene of the protests so they can “clean up.” They’ve completely sealed off Ferguson. THEY’VE TRAPPED THE PROTESTERS (and regular people who would like to go home) INSIDE AND ARE TRYING TO FORCE THE MEDIA OUT. They are harming and threatening to arrest journalists who do not comply.

The Ferguson PD have created an illegal police state. This is, by all means, unconstitutional. BUT IT IS NOT A NEW OCCURRENCE. If you are shocked by this display of police brutality, then you must have missed the last 50 years of anti-black history. And the saddest part? This is not the worst case of it by any means. I beg you, please, pay attention to what is happening and commit it to memory.

Here is a petition to change the current laws and stop the police from abusing their power. I urge you to sign it. And I urge to you share your outrage over what is happening. Tell your legislators, your communities, your social media cohorts. SHARE IT BEFORE THE POLICE AND MEDIA COVER IT UP.

The officer who murdered Mike Brown, the disgusting pig who shot this boy 9 times, is on PAID LEAVE right now. THAT SHOULDN’T EVEN BE AN OPTION. 

The peaceful protesters of Ferguson are being gassed and shot at for seeking justice. PLEASE DON’T IGNORE THEIR STRUGGLE. 


(Most links are tweets, as twitter was the fastest and most up-to-date source for information re: Ferguson.)

Here’s a link to an LA Times article, summarizing the events of the evening protest.

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Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes.
Good morning, Queen City of the Great Plains.
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Highlights from the Durango Auto Show.


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Is this a dog or a bear?

I’m down with snuggling.

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